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Detain X Ingredients (& What They Do)

In our main article about Detain X, we provide a list of the major ingredients that it contains, however we felt that just listing the ingredients was probably not enough because (apart from chemists, doctors and people in the pharmaceuticals business) most people have no idea what they are.

So, we researched the listed ingredients in Detain X to give you an idea of what they do and why they have been included in this premature ejaculation remedy.

Hypericum perforatum

This is the technical name for St John’s Wort, a traditional herbal remedy for depression, and describes the species of plant that the herb is taken from.1


This is another natural over-the-counter chemical that is used to treat depression (as well as anxiety and insomnia). It is a precursor to serotonin (i.e. it is one of the raw materials that the body uses to produce serotonin – serotonin helps to delay the ejaculatory reflex). Over 70% of each dosage of L-5-HTP is converted into serotonin.2


P-5-P (or Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate) is simply a form of Vitamin B-6.3


Melatonin is a chemical found naturally in both plants and animals. It’s main functions are to help regulate the body clock and as an antioxidant. Be aware that melatonin may cause drowsiness.4


L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that increases dopamine levels in the body and has been known to lift the mood of people in highly stressful situations.5


Glutamine is the most abundant non-essential amino acid in the human body and is used in medicine for treatment of injuries and trauma.6


Cellulose is the most abundant naturally-occurring organic compound on the planet. Many manufacturers of drugs and herbal remedies coat their tablets in cellulose to help deliver and control the speed at which the other chemicals are released into the body.7


Mannitol is an organic compound that aids the delivery of the other chemicals to the brain.8

Vegetable stearate

Vegeatable Magnesium stearate is a salt that is used for lubrication and as a binding agent during the manufacture of many dietary spplements. Although it doesn’t provide any benefit to the body, it is generally thought to be harmless.9


Xylitol is a sugar alcohol, generally used as a sweetener in tablets.


Silica (also known as silicon dioxide) is used as a flow agent in powders and tablets.

Vanilla flavorings

As the name infers, this is just a flavoring to make it taste nicer.


As you can see, Detain X contains a lot of natural chemicals that are used in the treatment of anxiety, stress and depression. The Detain X website suggests that the causes of these conditions are similar to the causes of premature ejaculation.

The ingredients in Detain X are generally harmless and side effects are rare. In a small minority of cases, it could cause drowsiness, nausea, vomitting, diarrhea or wind but this is uncommon. When taking Detain X supplements, you should take care not to operate heavy machinery until you are sure you are not suffering any adverse effects.

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